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Arrest and Control 8 hour course

Arrest and Control 8 hour course

Dec 10 2018 • Date of class is to be determined , call for details

The date of this class is to be determined, based on minimum number of 5 students in each class.
PSO in house teams welcome.
Arrest and control- This 8 hour course will cover Use of force, Escalation of force, Officer Safety, Conflict resolution and liability factors

Hands on training covers Handcuffing techniques, Take down-hand holds-escape techniques,  and certification for Pepper spray.
All hands on techniques are at slow speed with an emphasis on technique.


Only $100.00 , includes all materials and certificates.
may be used to fulfill BSIS annual training requirements.

* must have a minimum of 5 students enrolled for class to convene.
Please call our office to enroll.

Class size limited to 10 students,
Must have a valid CA Guard card to attend.

To sign up for this course, please call our office 9am to 4pm