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4 Property Management Safety Tips

4 Property Management Safety Tips

Keeping apartment complexes safe from the risks of theft and crime will not only keep your tenants safe, but your property as well.

Crime is a serious subject, and apartment complexes—despite their size and typically locked doors—are not immune to crime, theft, and vandalism. In recent years, law enforcement agencies have implemented crime prevention programs which are aimed at multihousing property owners to keep their property, and tenants, safe. Summer is the time during which crime and burglary go up, and with summer in full swing taking these tips into serious consideration will only benefit you. Here are four property management safety tips that could help your property avoid crime.

Screening Residents & Employees

Many property owners are using background checks to screen residents and the staff (should the apartment complex have them). Screening may identify and prevent any problems that could arise.

Review Security Systems

Security devices can include cameras, lighting, locks on common area entrances, and other equipment. Be sure that your cameras are in proper working order and that they cover common areas. All gates should be locked and all light bulbs should be bright.

Identify Staff

Make sure that your staff uses ID. Many burglaries happen because the residents believe thieves to be staff, so have your staff carry their IDs at all times and wear the same uniforms. Let your tenants know it’s okay to ask to see proof of identification before they let a staff member enter their premises.

Educate the Residents

Help residents by posting security tips around the complex. Encourage that they report suspicious activity. In some cases, liability insurance rates could be lowered if property owners establish a comprehensive crime prevention program, which could end up saving you big!

Protecting your apartment complex shouldn’t be something you take lightly. Contact Cornwall Security Services for all of your security needs in Thousand Oaks, Westlake Village, and surrounding Ventura County areas.

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