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California Guard Card Training

All Security Officers in Ventura and surrounding cities must obtain a California Guard Card in order to work in the state of California. At Cornwall Security, we provide the 8 hour initial guard card training course, live scan, and processing the application through BSIS right here at our offices. Call our office to secure your spot for the next Guard Card class. The total Cost is $200 for in-house training and all requirements needed for applications.

Additional Training Offered

Pepper Spray Certification, Arrest and Control, Taser Certification, and CA ABC Beverage Server Training. We work with individual guards and in-house teams. Ask us how we can transform your team into a powerfully trained unit. While the online guard card course may seem easier, it is highly recommended that you take care of everything in house so that you can begin this journey with confidence and poise as our instructors relate real world experiences to bolster the students understanding.

Courses begin at 9:00 a.m. and carry on throughout the day, ending at 4:00 p.m. Check-in is at 8:30 a.m. and it is recommended that you bring beverages and lunch for this 8 hour educational day.

Our next workshop begins in:

Getting your California Guard Card Certification ————Understanding the Process

Obtain Your Guard Card In As Easy As 1-2-3 Here are the Steps

Step 1 –

Take the California state required 8-Hour Guard Card Course to obtain your California Certified Training Certificate.

Option 1 — Our Online Course – $39.95
Option 2 — Our in person class- $200 package includes all three steps
Additionally Same Day Pepper Spray Certification – $35

Step 2 –

Must obtain a livescan/fingerprinting under the California Guard Card application A0522

$30 livescan fee, plus $49 DOJ & FBI fees for California Guard Card live scan

Step 3 –

Submit an Online Security Guard Application to the California State

Our staff will set up an online account on the BSIS site to process the application included in the $200 package

BSIS Processing Fees – $51
All of the above can be done in our office, the same day for $200 complete package fee!

Initial 8 hour guard card class.

Once you get your Guard Card and then hired, BSIS requires you to complete 32 hours of continuing education: 16 hours of training within 30 days of hire and another 16 hours of training within 6 months of hire which are broken down into modules.

$150Module 2

Includes specific “parts” required by law which consist of the following; Part A. Public Relations 4 hours, Part B. Observation & Report Writing 4 hours, Part C. Communication and its Significance 4 hours and, Part D. Liability and Legal Aspects 4 hours = 16 hours $150.00

$150Module 3

Module 3 consist of Arrests and control, Search & Seizure , Access Control, Trespass, Laws, Handling Difficult People, K. Work Place Violence, = 16 hours   $150.00

Deployment, effects, legal considerations, cross contamination, $65.00

(Conducted Electrical weapon) User certification course M26 & X26 Instructor is certified by Taser international what is a CEW, Escalation of force, operation of the unit, Medical and safety, Tactical considerations, Legal considerations.

Escalation of force, Handcuffing Techniques, physical take down and escape techniques, officer safety, liability factors. $180.00

Additional Information

Bring lunch and drinks necessary for 8 hours. Class meets Requirments of California AB2880.

All modules are presented in 8 hour blocks
*Minimum class size of 3 students are required, classes may be subject to change.

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