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Camarillo Ranch House Food Truck Thursdays

Camarillo Ranch House Food Truck Thursdays

Camarillo Ranch House proudly introduces food truck Thursdays every last Thursday of the month.

From now until October, Camarillo Ranch House will host food trucks every last Thursday of the month from 5–9:00 p.m.

A total of ten food trucks will be at every event, and there will also be beer and wine for sale. The best part is that admission is free!

These events will feature local wineries, live music, cash bar, and much, much more entertainment!

At where will the Camarillo Ranch House Food Truck Thursdays be held?

201 Camarillo Ranch Rd.
Camarillo, CA 93012

This is a great family event because it features great entertainment and supports the local community of food trucks and wineries/breweries.


If you own a food truck, you are at a higher risk of being robbed because thieves believe there is very little security. Is there a way you can reduce your food truck’s exposure of being robbed?

  • You can purchase a wireless credit card processing system so you can reduce the cash at hand. There are systems you can plug into an iPhone or iPad which makes things much easier. The less cash you have, the lesser the loss becomes if you get robbed.
  • Mount exterior lights on the truck in order to brighten the area around your truck.
  • Along with your lights, you can also install cameras to have video evidence of the crime and potentially give authorities the ability to identify your robbers.
  • There is always safety in numbers. Always venture out with one or more person in the truck.
  • Lock all side doors in order to prevent anyone from having access to your food truck.

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Russ Cornwall - CEO