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Earth Day & You: How You Can Help Our Only Home

Earth Day & You: How You Can Help Our Only Home

Our planet is changing before our very eyes and not for the better. It is going to take people like you to help keep our planet green and blue and safe for all humanity.

The talk of “what if” is over. The planet is now at a tipping point and without serious action, the point of no return is all but inevitable. Our planet is a beautiful blue planet and is currently the only known planet to harbor life in the known universe! And it’s the perfect planet for us humans. But burning fossil fuels, collapsing ecosystems, and deforestation are threats not only to the planet itself but for humanity–as in our entire species! Here are a few ways you can help take action on Earth Day and beyond!

  1. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
    How many greenhouse gasses do you release annually? Spoiler: It’s probably WAY more than you think. But remembering to turn off the lights, walking or biking instead of taking the car, shorter showers, and eating less meat can help reduce your carbon footprint. Take the quiz now to see your impact on the planet.
  2. Plant a Tree
    Deforestation is threatening some of the most diverse ecosystems on the entire planet. Trees not only give us the oxygen we need to breathe, but they are the homes of countless species. You can donate to plant a tree here.
  3. Eat Less Meat
    You may think that your diet is the least of your worries, but you’d be wrong. The meat industry generates one- fifth of man-made greenhouse gas emissions. You can help make a difference by limiting your meat consumption. You don’t have to stop eating meat, but cutting back definitely helps–plus it’s good for your health!

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