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Do Not Let A Quake Shake Your Safety

Do Not Let A Quake Shake Your Safety

Getting Ready For The Next California Earthquake

Experts say it is not a matter of if another earthquake will strike California, but when. In light of the recent tragedy in Nepal, we want to highlight ways to increase your safety in the face of a quake. Here are some tips for earthquake preparedness, as well as what to do when we do experience a quake.


  • Meet with your loved ones and designate a meeting point outside of your town and city where you can all connect after a disaster should you get separated.
  • Walk through each room of your home, pinpointing locations where you could go and be safe from falling objects during an earthquake.
  • Call in the pros. A professional can help you find ways to make your home safer, including bolting bookcases and other heavy furniture to wall studs, strapping your water heater to those studs, and making sure latches on your cupboards and cabinets are strong.
  • Create an emergency bag with three gallons of water per family member, non-perishable food, dust masks, and hand-crank or battery-operated flashlights and radios.


  • Drop down to the floor and cover your head with your hands. Take shelter away from heavy furniture that could fall and under a desk or table if possible.
  • If you are indoors, stay inside and away from windows until the shaking stops.
  • If you find yourself in bed during a quake, stay there. Hold your pillow over your head for protection.
  • If you are outdoors, drop to the ground as far away from trees, power lines, and buildings as possible.
  • If you are in your car, park in a safe location and stay inside it until the shaking stops.

We care about your safety. That is why we have dedicated our team to protecting Thousand Oaks businesses and families. To get superior solutions to all of your security needs, contact Cornwall Security Services. We are California security experts and can help tailor a security package that meets your community’s specific needs.

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