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Home Security Holiday Checklist Tips

Home Security Holiday Checklist Tips

You can have the peace of mind you deserve while you are away on vacation with this helpful home security holiday checklist.

If you have ever seen the 90s classic, Home Alone, you’ll know that the holidays are like when thieves are roaming the streets, casing the best houses. We don’t exactly recommend covering your stairs in ice or hanging a full bucket of paint from your ceiling to bring burglars to justice because it’s not necessary to do so. With a good security system and a few basic tips, you can keep your home safe during the holidays.

Home Security Holiday Checklist Tips for Home Safety

  1. Secure Doors and Windows

Make sure that all of the locks work. Repair any cracks in doors or windows as the cracks can deteriorate the integrity of the structures. Set the pin lock in your garage if it opens by remote, and place a bar on your sliding doors to keep them from being opened.

  1. Alert Your Neighbors

Inform the neighbors of your vacation plans and ask them to check in on the house every once in a while. Additionally, ask if they can pick up and mail or packages that are delivered to your home.

  1. Update the Burglar Alarm

Inform your security company that you will be out of town and provide them with a phone number where they can reach you. You don’t want the phone in your house to ring while it’s being robbed–the burglar may answer and say everything is fine. Give the alarm code to anyone checking on your home, so they don’t set it off.

A proper security system is your best bet at keeping your home safe while you’re on vacation. Contact the security professionals at Cornwall Security Services, serving Ventura County and the surrounding Westlake areas, for more safety and security practices.

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