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Increase Your Vehicle Security

Increase Your Vehicle Security

No one ever wants to come to where they parked their car and only find a stain of shattered glass–increase your vehicle security. 

Without the opportunity, thieves do not commit crimes. And that statement is certainly true when it comes to vehicles and their contents. Theft usually occurs because vehicle owners practically invite thieves to come and steal whatever they like. Safety precautions, while seemingly unnecessary, can help prevent car-related crime.

In the U.S. alone, a vehicle is stolen every 21 minutes on average. Not only does auto theft cost the driver time and money, but it can also cost society. How? Every time a car is stolen in an area that goes against the statistical safety of that neighborhood, it drives insurance premiums up, and often times that car is used to commit another crime.

Prevent Theft from Your Vehicle

  • Never leave valuables on your seat, floor, or the dashboard. Instead, store your valuables temporarily in your trunk and glove compartment.
  • Take any money, cell phones, and anything else of valu0e from view.
  • If your trunk is not a separate compartment, like with SUVs and trucks, make sure to cover your belongings to keep them out of sight.
  • Don’t leave your registration or insurance in your car as it makes your car that much easier to sell and also gives the thief your home address.

Help Prevent Vehicle Theft

  • Nearly 20 percent of all stolen cars have their keys still in the ignition. Always take your keys with you!
  • Never leave your windows cracked–even a centimeter. This can give a thief all the space they need to unlock your door.
  • Don’t leave your car running and unattended. This removes all difficulty for the thief as they can simply open the door and drive away with your car.

Contact the security professionals at Cornwall Security Services, serving Ventura County and the surrounding Westlake areas to learn more about how you can protect your car.

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