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Keeping Cool In The Summer Heat

Keeping Cool In The Summer Heat

How To: Beat The Heat

We never face a particularly rough winter in Southern California, but that does not mean we feel apathy towards the summer. In fact, the summer brings a fresh energy with its longer days and hotter temperatures. The problem, though, is that some people get a little too excited about summer and end up facing heat-related illness. To help you stay cool this summer, use these tips.

  • Know Your Risk: People over 65 or younger than 2, people with chronic diseases, and people with mental illnesses are at the highest risk for heat-related illnesses. If you fall into one of the categories, make sure you are limiting your exposure to the sun and heat whenever possible.
  • Avoid Your Oven: When you use your oven or stove to cook, it increases the temperature in your house. Choose recipes that require little to no cook time this summer to ensure your house stays cool.
  • Protect Your Skin: Wear lightweight, light colored layers that will cover your skin when you are in the sun. If you want to bare your skin, make sure you apply (and regularly reapply sunscreen). Getting sunburnt can be hazardous to your health, because burnt skin has a more difficult time releasing excess heat.
  • Drink Up: Hydration is key. Do not just wait until you feel thirsty to drink; start your day with a glass of water and keep drinking throughout the day. Carrying a non-disposable water bottle with you can make it easier to ensure you stay hydrated.

So you can focus on protecting yourself and your family against the heat this summer, let the experts handle all of your other protection needs. To learn more about how patrol services, access control, video surveillance, and more can be tailored to meet your specific needs, contact Cornwall Security Services in Westlake Village, California.

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