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Get Away On Labor Day

Get Away On Labor Day

Celebrate the holiday with a vacation!

Labor Day may not be one of the best loved holidays (have you ever sent a Labor Day card?), but it does provide you the opportunity for a day off work, which you probably really do love. Labor Day is not just an extra Monday off, either. It marks the end of the summer and provides you and your family with one last chance to make the most of the season!

Are you stumped on ideas for Labor Day activities? We can help! Here are just a few great California getaways worth the trip this holiday.

  • Catalina Island: Skip out on the Labor Day traffic and hop on a boat instead. The scenic ride to Catalina will give you the chance to shake off any residual work stress so that by the time you set foot on this beautiful island, you are ready to relax.
  • Mount Lassen: Add a little excitement to your getaway by visiting this active volcano, which last erupted a century ago. Part of the Shasta Mountain range, the scenery around this peak is beautiful, and there is great fishing, wine tasting, and hiking nearby.
  • Napa Valley: Speaking of wine tasting, if you are looking for a more adult getaway you should look no further than Napa Valley. This part of the California coast is famous worldwide for its standout wineries and we promise you, the glasses you sip and savor there will not disappoint.

While you are away this Labor Day, you should not have to worry about your vacant home. To get the security service you need to have peace of mind during your holiday, contact Cornwall Security Services in Thousand Oaks, California. We will labor to safeguard you and your family this Labor Day and throughout the rest of the year.

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