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A Look At Live Scan

A Look At Live Scan

You Have Access To This State Of The Art Technology

Did you know that in the United States, most law enforcement agencies rely on Live Scan to identify individuals? You deserve to have access to this technology that is so crucial to law enforcement, and at Cornwall Security Services we are able to offer you just that.

What, exactly is Live Scan? Government agencies have stopped relying on the traditional (and messy) method of using ink and paper to capture fingerprints, and instead use the Live Scan to capture fingerprints electronically and extremely accurately. The prints are then able to be digitally sent to the necessary department and bureaus so your applications can be quickly, precisely processed.

We are approaching the season in which most people need to renew their licenses. Give our expert team a call to set up your live scan appointment. When you work with us, we can roll your fingerprint and submit it to the Department of Justice (DOJ) and/or FBI electronically. The rolling fee is just $30, and your only other charges are the application fees from the DOJ or FBI.

If your fingerprint is rejected for any reason, you can come back and have your fingerprints re-rolled for no charge. In our five years of service, however, we have only had one person’s fingerprint rejected. Ultimately, our live scan services are clean, efficient, and advanced. We offer our state of the art, DOJ-approved Live Scan station for your use and are here for your safe, quick, and dependable Live Scan needs.

To get superior live scan services at a competitive price, contact Cornwall Security Services. Conveniently located in Westlake Village, our expert team is here to meet all of your California security needs. To set up your live scan appointment, call us today.

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