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Music Festival Safety Tips

Music Festival Safety Tips

Music festivals are spectacular multi-day events that everyone should experience once in their lives, but how does one stay safe in this environment?

A music festival is a huge multi-day event filled with countless musical acts. Patrons of the festival usually camp out in a field not too far from the all the stages and other tents. Music, friends, alcohol, and other substances found throughout all festivals are all present, but before you let loose your inner-1960s-Woodstock persona, there are a few simple safety tips which can help you turn music festivals into a memorable and fun experience.

Stay Hydrated

You’re going to be out in the sun all day dancing to your favorite bands and possibly indulging in inebriating mediums, all of which dehydrate the body. It is important that you carry a water bottle with you and keep it filled with water at all times. Drink a few bottles of water a day to avoid dehydration/heat stroke.

Leave No Person Behind

Many music festivals have safe havens, meaning that you can’t get in trouble for anything you say to medical or safety staff. So, if your friend or anyone needs help, don’t be afraid to call for help. Everything you say is confidential because they would rather save a life than worry about trivial matters.

Keep Your Stuff Safe

  • Lock your valuables in your car or in the festival’s storage lockers, if they have them. If you lock them in your car, store things under the seats or in the trunk. Any place that keeps them from open view.
  • Only pack that which you need in order to not draw unwanted attention to yourself or your campmates.
  • If you see something, say something.

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