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Playground Safety Tips

Playground Safety Tips

Every kid loves to go to the playground because it gets them moving and allows for their imagination to run wild.

A playground is a magical place where your child’s imagination comes to life with colorful slides, fun monkey bars, and soft woodchips (which can double as lava when the times call for it). But swinging from monkey bars and swinging on swings can pose a threat to all children. Here are some good playground safety tips you should go over with your child to avoid any nasty cuts or broken bones.

Supervise Your Children

  • Check the playground before your child plays on it. Look for hazards like broken or rusty equipment and any dangerous services.
  • Actively supervise your child while they play. It won’t be as hard as you think–they’ll be calling for you to catch, jump, or swing with them.
  • Teach children that pushing and shoving is dangerous, especially on playgrounds. You don’t want to be the parent of that kid who shoves other kids to the ground.

Your Child’s Age is NOT Just a Number

  • The difference between a 6-year-old and a 4-year-old can be massive. Ensure that your playground has an area that is age-specific to your child’s age.
  • If your child is still a toddler and still learning to walk, make sure the surface of the playground is smooth and easy to walk on.

Should Have a Good Surface

  • The surface materials of good playgrounds are things like sand, wood chips, pea gravel, mulch, and shredded rubber. Rubber mats, synthetic turf, and other artificial material is good and requires less maintenance.
  • Surfacing should be, at the very least, 12 inches deep and cover a radius of 6 feet in all directions.

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