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Pokémon GO Safety & Security Tips

Pokémon GO Safety & Security Tips

The wildly popular Pokémon GO is finally getting people to go outside, but some of them are taking it too far and trespassing onto private property which could compromise security. 

Pokémon GO has gotten a lot of mixed reviews: from hailing it as the pinnacle of modern virtual reality video games to being the possible downfall of America. If you play Pokémon GO, you likely fall somewhere between the former and the middle of that range. While your main objective is to catch ’em all, it’s important to remember that it’s just a video game and that your safety and the safety of others should never be under threat. Here are some Pokémon GO safety and security tips you should use when trying to be the very best; like no one ever was.

  1. Don’t Catch & Drive
    Just like you’re not supposed to text and drive, catching and driving can be just as dangerous–if not more so. Even if your friend using the app sees the legendary Mewtwo, you should keep your phone in your pocket. As a general rule, your phone should be in your pocket at all times while you drive.
  2. Respect People’s Property
    When traveling across the land and searching far and wide on your poké-walks, remember to use common courtesy and to not traverse onto people’s property. Pointing your phone at a random house could spell trouble if they call the police–the person doesn’t know you’re catching a Metapod, and it looks like you’re taking pictures of their property.

Pokémon GO may be the game you have been waiting for your entire life, but that doesn’t mean you should throw safety into the wind. Use common sense when playing the game to keep you safe. Contact Cornwall Security Services for all of your security needs in surrounding Ventura County and San Fernando Valley areas.

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