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How to Protect Your Summer Fun

How to Protect Your Summer Fun

Summer is the perfect time to let loose and enjoy the weather. While doing so, be sure you don’t let down your guard, too.

While California is known for having the sunshine all year round, summer is really where the fun is at. Now that the weather is heating up and events are being planned, plenty of individuals and families are planning fun activities over the summer months. So that your home and family stay safe, check out these tips!


  • Lather up on SPF lotion at least 15 minutes before going outside in the sun.
  • Always take with you and wear a hat and sunglasses when outside.
  • Stay hydrated by sipping on water throughout the day.
  • Never swim alone, even if you’re a confident swimmer.
  • Seek shade when possible, and avoid going outside at midday (the hottest time of the day.)


Fence off your pool and add alarm sensors to the gate. Every day in America, two children under the age of 14 die from unintentional drowning. If you have a pool or hot tub in your garden, be sure that it is closed off to prevent curious children in your home from accidentally falling in. Install safety fencing and locks, as well as a wireless outdoor alarm sensor.

Reinforce the security of your sliding glass doors. Sliding glass doors that open to the backyard are common in many Californian homes. While they let in a great deal of natural light, they can also let in a burglar or two if you’re not careful. Consider adding another lock or replacing a wooden dowel in the tracks.

Be aware of windows. During the hot days of summer, we all live for those rare spurts of relief from the sweltering heat. At the first sign of a cool breeze, many of us can’t wait to crack open a window to let in some fresh air. Be aware that this may be dangerous for your wandering children as well as burglars. Install window guards on all upper-level windows and consider window sensors that will sound when a window unexpectedly opens.

Do you have the right security for your property? You may consider hiring a patrol service for an effective way to deter burglars. Contact the security professionals at Cornwall Security Services, serving Ventura County and the surrounding Westlake areas in order to find the perfect security for you.