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Protecting Your Summer Fun

Protecting Your Summer Fun

Enjoying Your Summer Stress-Free

Now that summer has finally come, the kids are out of school, the days have gotten longer, and the weather has warmed. The summer offers you and your family the perfect opportunity to head to the pool. The kids can have fun, you can relax, and everybody wins. So you can be safe poolside, make sure you follow these swimming pool safety guidelines.

  • The best way to prevent drowning among young children is by enrolling them in swim lessons as soon as they are physically and emotionally ready. Pediatricians support formal swim lessons as early as age one. Give your son or daughter the necessary skills to navigate the pool by putting your children in swim lessons.
  • As you equip your kids with lifesaving skills, do yourself the same favor. By taking a CPR class, you can be prepared to respond to an emergency and save a life.
  • Be prepared before you let anyone in the water. Check that there are reach poles, flotation devices, and first aid kits easily accessible poolside so that you can get them quickly should the need arise.
  • Make sure that you and your family stay well hydrated in the summer sun. Also, be diligent in your sunscreen reapplication to protect your skin by the pool.

As pool activity spikes in the summer, do you have someone monitoring your pool area to ensure the people coming in and out are actually residents or their guests? So that you can protect your pool for your community, contact Cornwall Security Services in Westlake Village. We can also post guards at your pool parties, which can be especially important in limiting your liability if you will be serving alcohol. As California security experts, we can meet all of your summer security needs. Call us today!

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