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Tips for Safe Holiday Decorating

Tips for Safe Holiday Decorating

Make sure your holiday decorating doesn’t take you out of the spirit of the season with these safety tips.

One of the most fun things about this time of year is the décor that comes with it. Over the holiday season, we deck the halls – and building, streets, trees, etc. Your local shopping center transforms into a seasonal celebration and your major city streets get fitted with tinsel, silver bells, and the other holiday fixings.

You’ll want to bring the holiday décor with you, and that will likely leave you decorating your own home. When you do, use these tips for safe holiday decorating.

  • If you’re buying a live tree, make sure you choose a fresh one so it won’t easily catch fire. You can test your tree for freshness in a couple of ways. Tug on the needles; fresh trees’ will resist being pulled off. You can also bend a needle between your fingers. If it breaks, the tree isn’t fresh.
  • Before you string up your lights, inspect the strands for any broken bulbs or frayed wires. Avoid electrical hazards relating to your holiday lights by stringing no more than three strands together per extension cord or outlet plug, and making sure lights are hung securely.
  • Before you light a fire in the fireplace, have your chimney professionally inspected. This is a maintenance task that needs to be performed annually. When you do light your fire, make sure the flue is open, choose materials designed for fire (keep away from paper, which can catch fire and then float out of your fireplace), and keep a screen in front of your burning fireplace.

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