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What Can a HOA Do to Improve Home Security

What Can a HOA Do to Improve Home Security

A homeowners association can work miracles when it comes to the home security of your neighborhood.

In a recent court case in Florida, an HOA member shot a youth while the association member was out on neighborhood watch. (Why is it always Florida?)

This incident now has HOAs all over the country taking a second look at the way they monitor and secure their neighborhoods. It is safe to say that many, if not all, HOAs can benefit from looking at the way they manage their security strategies. This incident has also forced many HOAs to ask if they have any obligation to provide security for its homeowners. In the case of the Florida HOA, they had to pay a $1 million+ settlement to the family of the deceased. Here are a few security measures that HOAs can take to keep security tight, but reduce the risk of liability.

Security Cameras
Video surveillance cameras at key intersections and throughout common areas of the neighborhood can help deter a criminal’s actions before they act. Installing a camera network around the neighborhood and certain properties can increase the likelihood of capturing the perpetrator in the event an accident does take place.

Patrol Guards
A very well-trained patrol guard can act rationally in times of stress. But they can be a major expense for HOAs. If an HOA cannot afford a full-time patrol guard, they can hire a part-time patrol guard to survey the neighborhood during hours of the night at which most crime takes place. Because they can act rationally, the odds of a Florida-type disaster are severely reduced.

These tips can help keep your HOA safe from any unwanted liability incidents. Contact the security professionals at Cornwall Security Services, serving Ventura County and the surrounding Westlake areas in order to find the perfect security for you.

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