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What to Know When You Attend a Graduation Ceremony

What to Know When You Attend a Graduation Ceremony

Graduation is an important time, but the hours leading up to the event can be quite stressful.

Congratulations on finishing school! Whether it be high school, college, or beyond, your hard work is about to pay off as you walk through the stage and collect your diploma. The weeks and even hours leading up to this event can be stressful and make it easy to overlook a few simple tasks. If you want to avoid any mishaps on the day of your graduation, it’s best to plan in advance. With a few weeks until graduation, here are a few tips you should follow if you want to make sure the day goes smoothly.

2-6 Weeks Prior to Graduation

  • Pick up graduation Attire and Invitations
    Your graduation cap and gown will arrive soon. It is your responsibility to pick them up, unless, of course, they are mailed to you. Make sure that everything fits correctly and exchange any items that don’t as soon as possible.
  • Complete All School Requirements
    Make sure you have returned all books and have no library debts or other dues.

1 Day Prior to Graduation

  • Make sure your parents and all others have their things ready:
    – Directions to the event: They have to remember that parking will be difficult to find and should leave at an appropriate time that factors that in.
    – Graduation tickets: No worse feeling than getting to the venue and realizing that you’ve forgotten the tickets on the kitchen table.
  • Make sure that you have all of your things ready:
    – Cap and gown
    – Tassel
    – Proper attire (to wear under the gown)

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