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Winter Ski Trip Safety Tips

Winter Ski Trip Safety Tips

Family ski trips are common occurrences for many Americans, but skiing can be a dangerous sport so knowing a bit of safety can save your life. 

Skiing Safety Tips

Exercise in advance. People often assume that because you are gliding through snow, you will not get tired. Once they hit the slopes they find out that a lot of physical activity goes into skiing. Your arms to push, your legs to keep you stable, and your core to keep you balanced. You might be surprised by how much exercise you do, so it is important you hit the slopes by exercising a few weeks, or even months, before your trip.

Wear a helmet. Snow can hide branches or rocks which, at high speeds, can cause some real damage to your head should you take a fall. It also protects you from any falling debris.

Prepare for the weather. Layers are key in staying warm throughout your ski-trek. Don’t forget to bring a hat, gloves, and an extra pair of each just in case they get wet.

Wear goggles. Make sure that your ski goggles properly fit around your helmet. If you wear glasses, there are goggles that are large enough to fit your glasses under the protective shielding, or you may consider prescription goggles.

Ski with a friend. It’s always best to ski with a friend because if something happens to either one of you, the other can go get help. Pre-arrange a meeting place in case you get separated, and use walkie-talkies to stay in touch.

Know your limits. There’s nothing more dangerous than going on a slope which you know you cannot handle. Know what grade of slope is for you, and work on your form to slowly build on your skill level.

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