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How to Acquire Your Security Guard Training Card

How to Acquire Your Security Guard Training Card

If you’re looking into getting your security guard training card but are unsure of how to go about this process, just follow this guide!

The Californian Guard Card: the best door opener for security careers and opportunities in the entire West Coast. If being a security guard is what you want to do, this card is the one thing standing between you and employment. This card is a chance to land one of these guard positions for some, and for others, it’s nothing but a major roadblock. This card isn’t just handed to you, and you certainly can’t buy your way in. Here are some of the basic requirement of this job and how you can acquire your security guard training card.

How to Get the Guard Card.

Step 1: An 8 hour “Power to Arrest” class awaits you! You’ll receive training and then you’ll have to pass the examination at the end of it. You can go in person or click here to get the training.

Step 2: You, the private controller, or the training facility must submit a security guard application online at

Step 3: You must then submit fingerprints electronically using Live Scan. Use only the forms from the Bureau’s Website. We can you through our live scan services.

Step 4: After the bureau has received your online application and criminal history clearances, you’ll be entered into the Bureau’s website.
You can now get hired!

Step 5: If you are hired as a security guard you must keep the following documents with you when you’re on duty:

  1. A valid security guard registration or a screen print of the Bureau’s approval obtained from the Bureau’s website.
  2. A valid photo identification.

Keeping people safe is a big responsibility, and we take our hats off to you! Cornwall Security offers the course in-house, and online well as well. Contact the security professionals at Cornwall Security Services, serving Ventura County and the surrounding Westlake areas for further information, to get started on your guard card!

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